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Bye-bye belly fat and hello vegan muscle. Become your own fitness- and nutrition coach by following 3 core principles. Without tracking calories!

Pillar #3: THE MIND OF A 

From restless, overwhelmed, and anxious to peace in mind. Learn how to implement a morning- and evening routine so you can master your mind. 


You're not born to fit in. So stand out! Learn from my mistakes and save thousands of hours and dollars. I give you my proven personalizable roadmap for free!
I've been coaching men for years now. The #1 problem I see out there (and experienced myself): Unfulfilled Potential.
The Meaningful Men Method
  Offers Customized, All-Inclusive 1-on-1 & Group Coaching For Vegan Men To Get Them From Lost In The Woods To A Life In Line With Their Values And Purpose!
"Vegan brothers (just like you) have joined the Meaningful Men Movement from Finland, Estonia, United States, the Netherlands, Indonesia, and Germany. What country are you representing?"
From: Casper Gillesse
@ The Temporary (Because I Tend To Travel Quite A Bit) Meaningful Men Headquarters In Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Ever wondered what it truly means to be a "real man?"

Like, definition, and qualities. I mean, what makes a man, a man? 
I didn't think about this for 30+ years. And today, it's my mission: 

"My goaI is to get rid of the unhealthy definition of the so-called "real man" by redefining masculinity and create new norms where eating animals is weird, drinking alcohol is not cool, and where it's okay to ask for help and show vulnerabilities."

Brother: You deserve a life full of meaning. I want you to feel alive. Aware. Present. Strong in body & mind. Protecting. Providing. Taking ownership and responsibility. Trusting your gut and feeling when to say no and how to set healthy boundaries. 

Without seeking validation from others. Without feeling depressed about what happened in the past or worried about what might happen in the future. 
Imagine living a life where you've reconnected with your:

  • Heart Of A Warrior: On a mission. Heart driven. Honest. Life on your terms in line with your values & purpose. 
  • Body Of An Athlete: Less body fat and more muscle so you can look AND feel good (naked). 
  • Mind Of A Monk: Peace in mind, when shit hits the fan or life gets in the way. 
Long story short: If you want to be that real man you missed when growing up without worrying if you're capable of becoming that courageous leader, you're in the right place my man.

I'm Casper, And I Had No Clue What It Meant To Be A Real Man

To be honest, I never thought about this for the first 30 years of my life.

When growing up, I was playing basketball in the Netherlands. And with my 2.03m (6'8") frame I was quite good at it. Such that, I got invited to play ball in Los Angeles, California. A dream coming true, for the next "Flying Dutchman." (Remember Rik Smits playing for the Indiana Pacers?)

Sadly, I never went. 

My parents divorced and I decided to drop out of High School. I shaved my head and found brotherhood in a group of hooligans. I'd drink beer, use drugs and get arrested. 

Real man don't cry. And it's a sign of weakness to ask for help. That's what I thought. 
Whether you'd see me at a funeral or a wedding, I'd never show my emotions.

Meanwhile, I'd further numb my emotions and suppress my feelings making poor decisions and working 16 hours, trying to be successful. I was so lost. So lonely. Totally disconnected from myself. This destructive lifestyle wasn't healthy, to say the least.

It was Christmas 2014. I just survived a 24-hour flight. My ex- girlfriend broke up. I lost the house. My business. And savings. I ended up burned out and depressed..

June 2015. I knew one day this photo would come in handy. Locked up in my shoe box apartment for a couple of months. Classic rock-bottom. Lost 15kg (33lbs). Felt burned out and depressed.

How I Flipped My Life Around And You Can Too

It was a Tuesday morning, June 2015. I woke up paralyzed. I couldn't move any body part. I could only blink my eyes. Today I'd call it a spiritual awakening. Back then I thought I was going to die. I remember thinking:
"If I get out of this alive. If I'll get a second chance. What will I do with my life? Where do I stand for? What is my truth? What is my message?"
I decided to change my life, drastically. 
Slightly uncomfortable, yet necessary. 

The Choice Was Simple: Either Life. Or Death.

I chose the first. So I had to make some hardcore decisions.
I stopped watching porn. No more alcohol. Zero drugs. 
No meat, no chicken, no fish. No eggs, no cheese, no milk. 

I bought a train ticket and had deep, meaningful conversations with my father. 
I started my spiritual awakening with meditation, yoga and plant-medicine. 

One day, I managed to cry. It was so liberating.
Physical transformation done. If I can do it, with my 2.03m (6'8") and 102 kg (220lbs) so can you!

I Was Still Seeking Validation From Others And Let My Happiness And Self Esteem Depend On External Factors

Next up was the world of extreme ownership and taking responsibility for my actions. My wounds and trauma are not my fault. However, it's entirely my responsibility choosing how to deal with it from the moment I realized this. 

No more hiding. No more lying. No more bullshit. 
The truth. Accepting. Forgiving. Surrendering. 
I realized I was brainwashed. Programmed. Manipulated. I created this false belief that in order to be successful I must look like a bodybuilder, drive fancy cars, wear designer clothes, be surrounded by hot girls and spend thousands on booze and drugs. Plus, I had to be a entrepreneur. Or CEO, even better. And travel. And finish my masters on some kind of a fancy university. Thankfully I understood this "perfect picture" is not real. Not true. Not healthy. Not sustainable. 

No wonder so many men are burned out, on sleeping pills, anti depressants and making a big mess of their lives. 
It's exhausting to live up to those standards. I know. Because I've been there. And it's exactly that what I'm hearing from struggling men around the globe who I work with. Unfulfilled potential. Trapped in the rat race of life. Game over.. 
"No Distractions + No Attachment x Unconditional (Peace + Love) = Ultimate Freedom."

There Is A Way (Out)

I didn't need more time. More stuff. More stimulants. More external validation. Or more followers on Instagram. 

Instead, I needed a solid system. Overview. A step-by-step roadmap. Effective and efficient. Guidance. Coaching. Brotherhood. And accountability. 

I Wish I Had This System Back When Starting My Journey

The one problem I was facing: Something like this didn't exist.

So I created it. My gift to you:
The Meaningful Men Method!
I'm Giving Away The Entire System For Free: Here's Everything You’re Going To Get When You Watch Today's Masterclass
"The situation you're experiencing right now is not your fault. However, it's entirely your responsibility choosing how to deal with it. Now let me show you how to get your shit together in 9 effective steps so that you can unveil that courageous leader from within whilst reducing the risk(s) of a heart-attack, divorce and going bankrupt."
This Isn't Just Another Piece Of The Puzzle. This Is The Complete Puzzle.
Here’s The First Step And 3 Supporting Pillars Of The 'R.O.I. Protocol'
Goal: "Heart Of A Warrior!"
Pillar #1 - Path Of Purpose
Problem: Stuck In The Rate Race Of Life.
Result: Life In Line With Your Values & Purpose.

What decisions did you make that brought you to where you are today? It's time to reorganize and get your shit together. I don't care how big your mess is, where you're coming from and what background you have. You need clarity and overview, brother. A clear roadmap to get you from where you are today to where you want to go. Authentic, in line with your purpose and values. 
Pillar #2 - The Root Cause 
Problem: Seeking Approval & Afraid Of What Other People Think Of You. 
Result: Authentic, Courageous Leader.
You are programmed to avoid pain and seek pleasure. I invite you to dive deep into where it hurts and stop numbing emotions en suppressing feelings. 
Pillar #3 - Representing Masculinity
Problem: Having No Idea What It Means To Be A Man.
Result: Representing A Beautiful Example Of Mature Masculinity.
You're wondering what it means to be a real man. Your father was emotionally and/or physically absent and nobody ever talked about it. Not at school either. It's about time to explore masculinity and femininity. 
"Where do you stand for? What is your truth? What is your message?"
Here’s The Second Step And 3 Supporting Pillars Of The 'R.O.I. Protocol'
Goal: "Body Of An Athlete!"
Pillar #4 - Designing Harmony
Problem: Stressed, Overwhelmed, Busy.
Result: Productive, Awake, Energetic & Present.

You are tired. Perhaps exhausted. More coffee or stimulants is not the answer. It's time to recharge and regain energy. It's all about bringing harmony to every aspect in your life that truly matters and has priority. I invite you to say "no" more often and start routines & rituals based on a self-care first model. 
Pillar #5 - The Longevity Code
Problem: Focussing on protein and counting calories.
Result: Your Own Independent Vegan Nutrition Coach.
Stop filling your belly and start fueling your body. I'm vegan for 5 years and have figured out how to optimize your nutrition protocols based on your needs, wants, time, and tools in the kitchen. I even include your spouse and kids, if applicable. I know what works, and what doesn't and can help you save hours a week, unveil six pack abs and reduce the risk on a heart-attack. 
Pillar #6 - Master Your Body
Problem: Hitting The Gym 3-5 Times A Week Without Epic Progress.
Result: More Muscle. Less Bodyfat.
This is where it all began, 20 years ago. My first gym session. You want epic vegan muscle? I've got you covered. Forget about counting calories and classic bodybuilding splits. Follow the group workout or your personalized program. Whether you're training for a soccer game, Iron Man, or just want to get fit, you're in good hands. 
"Yes, you can build serious muscle on a vegan diet, without protein deficiency!"
Here’s The Last Step And 3 Supporting Pillars Of The 'R.O.I. Protocol'
Goal: "Mind Of A Monk!"
Pillar #7 - Find Inner Peace
Problem: Restless And No Time To Meditate
Result: Peace In Mind
Don't feed bananas to Monkey Mind. Sounds easy, though can be very challenging. Observing your thoughts compassionately and not attaching to any outcome. Brother, I took refuge into Buddhism in 2017 and can help you get peace in mind so you can lead by courage instead of fear. 
Pillar #8 - Trust Your Intuition
Problem: Indecisive, People Pleaser, Hard To Say "No."
Result: Trusting And Following Your Intuition, Gut & Dreams. 
Almost there. This is an often neglected area. I want you to reconnect with your inner wisdom. That voice, somewhere deep down, that knows it all. You know and feel when you're on your path. Chances are, you could benefit from setting clear boundaries and stop being Mr. Nice Guy. Stop caring what other people think and show the world your authentic voice. Uncomfortable yet so liberating! Grow by taking action, step by step. 
Pillar #9 - Own Your Future
Problem: Unfulfilled Potential.
Result: A Life Full Of Meaning.
It's time to celebrate. And implement everything you've learned into your daily life. You've redefined your strengths and weaknesses and understand what brings you joy in life. Decisions, decision, decisions. Perhaps you quit your job, or start one. Maybe you break up or start a relationship. What does it mean to live life on your terms? And how do you make sure nothing and nobody will distract you from being a mission driven meaningful men?
"Let me show you how to master your mind and find inner peace."

Meet Other Meaningful Men Members And Hear Their Story:

"Hey, I'm Joey From The Netherlands. I Was Doubting And Actually Just Looking For A Personal Trainer To Get In Shape.. I Decided To Pull The Trigger And Started On A Massive Inner Journey. Finally Rebalancing Body & Mind, So Worth It."

"I'm Sten From Estonia And I Went From Busy & Skeptical Entrepreneur To Liberated, Leading Boss In 4 Months.."

"I'd have steak for breakfast. A kilo of chicken. Two liters of milk and six eggs. Every day. Today, I'm vegan for almost 5 years. Supporting the crazy idea that animals shouldn't suffer."
Let's Add The Pyramid Protocol For Some Epic Next-Level Guidance
"A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. A wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether."
"The Conscious Man"
It's not your fault. Reorganize and get your shit together. 

You feel bored, frustrated, and stressed for a reason.  
Why is this happening to me? 

Fasten your seatbelt and find out by digging deeper in what brought you to where you are today and where you'd like to go from now. 
"The Awakening Man"
This Awakening thing is real. Give yourself permission to fully surrender to what's presenting itself. 

You still feel overwhelmed and confused and that's okey.
Start taking ownership and full responsibility for your actions. 
"I Give Myself Permission To Stop Buying Things I Don't Need With Money I Don't Have To Impress People I Don't Like. I Give Myself Permission To Stop Fitting In Whilst Being Afraid To Die. Only To Then Eventually Die, Regretting To Not Having Fully Lived."
"The Transforming Man"
Call it inner-wisdom. Your higher self. Whatever man, it has always been there. Stop seeking for external validation and reconnect with the source within. 

Your transformation comes with feelings of not being heard and misunderstood. Just like your new friends in the Community.
Start letting go of what's no longer serving you. It's worth it. 
"The Meaningful Man"
Respect and honor for those who make it to the top. You've mastered and optimized your personal life. Now it's time for some proper celebration and integration. What's next? How about you do the same for your business- and family life!

You've got your shit together and live life like never before.
It's been one hell of a ride and so worth it!

Start Building Your Legacy And Show The World What You're Capable Of By Sharing Your Authentic Voice!

"At a Dalai Lama event, grabbing the mic in front of 17.000 people -and over 400.000 people on a livestream - wondering why he talked about compassion for all living beings but didn't mention animal cruelty, so I stepped up! What if I told you I used to suffer from fear of public speaking?"

It's Time To Decide..

You don't need more time. You just have to make a decision. Either you resonate with all of the above. Or you don't. I'm not here to fix - convert - or convince - you. It has to come from your end. So I'm not implementing any marketing tricks here to change your mind. 

Let's say you don't feel it. I respect that. I understand this approach isn't for everyone. Thanks for spending some time with me. I wish you a wonderful journey on self-development and perhaps our paths will cross again in the future. 

I'm confident you've got some new insights by now. Whether you liked it or not.


You're going to press one of the green buttons on this page (there's one right here below) and free up one hour of your precious time, without any distractions. You'll get my entire effective 9 step method for free which you can implement right away. 

I've joined way too many (fake live) webinars, trainings, and masterclasses where all they did was spending 30 minutes on introduction and backstory and the other 30 minutes on selling their product or service. So I understand you might be hesitant or a bit skeptic. I promise you I'm going in depth right away and I promise to overdeliver and not leave any stone unturned.  

You see, everyone else always teaches the "what" and the "why" and not the "how." To then sell you how to do it. I'm going against the grain and include the "how to do" something. I want you to win. Together or not, I don't care to be honest with you. What's the catch? I know things can be overwhelming. You can pull this of by yourself. Like I did. It's doable. 

Or you can get guidance along the way. By someone who's figured it all out and can save you thousands of hours and dollars. Let that person be me (surprise!). My numbers show me that a percentage of men who watch the training prefer to get some help along the way and that's why I can pay my bills and grow this movement. 

If you want to become a wonderful role model for modern masculinity and discover how to unveil your heart of a warrior, body of an athlete and mind of a monk, so you can step up your game and reconnect with the courageous leader within. I invite you, to watch the training. (Click on the green button below.)
I've tried so many other programs and diets. Why is this different?
I'm in the fitness- and health industry for 20+ years. I'm vegan for 5 years now. I know what works, and what doesn't. I've designed each step carefully to cover all aspects of life so that you grow physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. I was burned-out and depressed whilst looking like a stage-ready bodybuilder. Obviously, only focussing on how I'd look didn't work. I see men with a lot of money cheating on their wife and neglecting their kids. Feeling lost, and unhappy. So just earning money doesn't work either. 

I've lived in Bali, where a lot of healers and gurus were on a spiritual high/spiritual bypass. Not connected to their life on planet earth and praying for the animal kingdom whilst drumming on a skin of a dead sheep and eating meat and on Tinder 24//7 or even worse - having a hard time keeping their hands of students. Not understanding their role as an example or leader. Thinking with their dick instead of their heart. I want to end all of this nonsense. I am redefining masculinity. No porn, no alcohol, no drugs, no smoking, no animal products, no bullshit. Freedom in commitment. Liberation from within. No more hiding, no more suppressing. Redefining masculinity. Together. See how this is different than anything out there?
Who is this for?
Men who are open to a 100% plant-based / vegan lifestyle. Whether you've decided to go vegan today, or 16 years ago, I don't care. It has to come from within and you have to make this decision. Also, you'd be open to the guidelines of no alcohol, no drugs, no porn, no bullshit. 
I'm busy. Does this require much time from my end?
Men circle runs for 2 hours. Q&A anywhere between 1-2 hours. Masterclass 1 hour. 1-on-1 call also 1 hour. E-learning at your own pace. Gym, meditation.. The thing is.. it might sounds like a lot of time upfront. That's a false thought. I'm going to help you cut the crap and say no to so many things that you'll include this into your life and still have more time than before. It sounds crazy, I know. I want you to become as productive as a machine and stop procrastinating. It all depends on you brother. You can spend 1 hour a week. Or 8. Or any number in between. 
Is this a complete system or is there extra stuff I need?
There isn't a program as complete as mine, touching all aspects of modern life. However, I do sometimes talk about tools, supplements, equipment, and software that can make life a little easier which is sometimes free and sometimes worth an investment. Could be through partners I work with or simply something I use and have zero connection with, just a recco because I want to share what works for me, my family, friends and clients. 
What do I actually get? 
Gym workouts. Nutrition program (recipes and how to videos included) based on your needs, goals, tools, and time in the kitchen. Men Circle. Mastermind. Q&A. Live coaching. Group Coaching. Masterclass with other experts. 1-on-1 Coaching. Meditation. Community. The Meaningful Men E Learning Area. 
How long will it take until I see results? 
Anyone who makes bold claims about this online is not honest, I believe. A true transformation can take 3-5 years. It all depends on your situation. Where you're coming from and where you wanna go. Of course there are members out there experiencing epic results within the first weeks and months. It all comes down to: Are you ready to implement this method? Are you willing to not quit? Are you ready to face yourself? Are you open for taking full responsibility and ownership? Do you dare to stop complaining and pointing fingers? 

Sure, six pack abs and some epic vegan muscle are ego-and confidence-boosting. However, there's so much more to achieve. I want to build a long-lasting relationship with you. Connect you to the other members and create friendships. I'm sure you've heard about people who started a diet or rehab had a fall back - slip - set back - relapse. I'm in it for the long term. I want you to win. I want you to look AND feel amazing for the rest of your life. That's why my programs ar at least for 6 or 12 months. Including personal AND group guidance to get you where you want to be. Quick but no hurry. 
Will this work for me? 
Probably not. Chances are, you're simply not ready for a major transformation. You might want to spend (or should I say: waste) more time, money, and energy on cheap supplements, courses, books, and programs who try to sell you a magic pill. A short cut. A rapid fat loss diet. Or an overnight (financial) success. Leaving you clueless and overwhelmed with just another piece of the (massive) puzzle. I get it brother, I did the same thing. That's why I'm so confident my method works. Because I f*cked up so many times. Learned so many lessons. 

I've spend years and thousands of hours and dollars on this. I know what works and what doesn't. Hence all the next-level coaching protocols and tactics. You implement this method. You attend the Masterminds. You Join The Men Circles. You watch the Masterclasses. You join the conversation during the Q&A. You're honest, humble and willing to change. You're coachable and trainable. You're open to reframe ego and pride. You win. Your way. The End. Still with me? Cool. More info on how to join -application only- on the next page. 
How much does it cost?
I hear you. You've probably spend a lot of money on shit that didn't work. There are two angles to this. First. I invite you to see this as an investment rather than a cost. If only you experience improved sleep, better sex, less stress, more muscle, less body fat, more peace in mind, less overwhelm, more productivity, less bullshit. What would this be worth to you? This is only a handful of the possible "side effects" other members are experiencing by implementing this method. How about feeling super attractive, hitting dream goals, and looking good naked. Life in line with your purpose, values and intention. Because your inner world matters. 

Basically, you're going to become your most authentic and optimized version. Without spending hundreds of thousands of hours -and dollars- to figure it all out by yourself. I've paved the way. What would that be worth? It's easily worth €10.000,- Right now, a 6- months all inclusive membership starts at €3.300 ex v.a.t. More information in regards to a membership will unfold on the next page, after you've watched the training. Second: What is the cost of inaction? Ever thought about that? What will it cost you if you don't change and your life will stay like this till your last day of your life. What is the price you pay for regret? For all the things you didn't do or say? It's my mission to have you build your legacy and die satisfied, having fully lived. 
When is a good time to start?
Waiting for the perfect time is foolish. I'd suggest to change the present time to the perfect time. I'm a big fan of visualization and the law of attraction. One thing most people forget, is to make decisions, get feedback, and adjust accordingly. In other words: Putting in the work. I don't know your current situation. So I'm not in the position to either give you a kick in the butt or a big hug. You know deep down if you're on your path. If you're life is in line with your dreams, values, mission, and purpose. If you feel stuck in the rate race of life. If you feel liberated from within. I'm here, brother. Ready to guide you. Forcing you to act would never work. It has to come from your end. You decide. Today, tomorrow, next week, next year. Or maybe never. I'm aware of that. I respect any decision. Whether or not I'm going to be your guide. I wish you a life full of meaning. 
Is there a guarantee / refund policy?
The Meaningful Men Method Works. If you think "it" doesn't work, probably you don't work. Your decisions brought you to where you are today. I only work with men who take ownership and responsibility for their actions. You follow the path. You implement the steps. You do the work. You listen. You don't take things personal. You are coachable. You don't give up. You win. The end. 

I'm pouring my heart and soul in this method and continuously update the framework. When life gets in your way and shit hits the fan. You let me know. And ask for help. Together we'll adjust, tweak & optimize your next step. Everything is customized to your needs. From the moment you join the family, there's custom software running, which I pay for per member. Also, I've not only spend years building this, I'm also adding my precious time into private- and group coaching. And I invest in Masterclasses with other experts. And will always invest in bringing more value. This all has a price. This is why the investment is final. No refund.

Things might feel a little uncomfortable. I get that. Me and your fellow brothers have all been there. You're not alone. 
This is what makes Meaningful Men unique. If you're just browsing or hopping from one program to the other, this is not for you. My goal is to build a long-term meaningful relationship with you, and introduce you to the other like-minded men from allover the globe. On the same path. Redefining Masculinity. Together.
"Live your truth. Follow your path. Because one day it's all over. And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. Nobody ever wished they worked harder. Or had more money. They all wished they'd spend more time with their loved ones and did more epic shit in line with their values, mission, and purpose. Does life lives you, or do you live life? Let that sink in my friend.."
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